Your cakes are HOW MUCH???????

I do not make cheap cake!
I make no excuses that my prices are towards the upper end of the local market and here’s why.

Cakes by Alexandra is a registered business – it’s how I earn my living – and unlike many unregistered hobby bakers, I need to cover the cost of business insurance, NI, personal tax, equipment, good quality ingredients, gas, electricity and my time.

For a beautifully decorated cake, prices start at £65 for a 6” cake to serve around 15 people and increase from there. The majority of cakes serve between 20 and 40 guests would be priced at £85 - £150 depending on design.

You will not pay more according to the type of celebration – a wedding cake will cost the same as a birthday cake of the same design – the only difference will be an added charge for delivery (based on 40p per mile and £10 per hour travel time).

So, after considering time spent working out a design to meet your needs, shopping, prepping equipment, baking, filling and frosting a cake, covering with fondant, making flowers or figures, decorations and putting it all together, even the simplest cake can take 5 hours to create. A large tiered cake, perhaps with sugar flowers or characters, could easily take 25 hours or more to make.

Every cake is different and it is my pleasure to quote for your particular needs. I will aim to work within your budget, and I am happy to make suggestions for cakes at different price points.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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